1. "Computational model shows shifting patterns of synaptic and extrasynaptic GABA-A
    receptor activation shape hippocampal circuit dynamics during seizure evolution"
    D. Naylor

  2. An electronic neuron with input-specific spiking
    R. Lee, A. Parker

  3. Protective role of sleep against catastrophic forgetting in brain networks
    O Gonzalez, Y Sokolov, G Krishnan, M Bazhenov

  4. Building a 'brain': Layer by layer!
    Guruprasad R, Matt Thomson

  5. An object-topic map in IT cortex
    Pinglei Bao, Liang She, Mason McGill, Doris Y. Tsao

  6. Interpreting recurrent neural network models of medial entorhinal cortex
    G. C. Mel, B. Sorscher, S. Ocko, S. Ganguli

  7. Random Contrastive Hebbian Learning as a Biologically Plausible Learning Scheme
    G. Detorakis, T. Bartley, E. Neftci

  8. Continuous learning in a multi-layer network with rewarded spike-timing dependent

    J.E. Delanois, R. Golden, P. Sanda, M. Bazhenov

  9. Learning dynamic neural encoding models with behaviorally-relevant latent states
    Omid G. Sani, Maryam M. Shanechi

  10. Active learning of spin network models
    Jialong Jiang, David A. Sivak, Matt Thomson

  11. Using model-free policies for temporal abstraction in model-based planning
    Travis D. Bartley, Emre Neftci

  12. Translating neural signals to text using a Brain-Machine Interface
    Janaki Sheth, Ariel Tankus, Michelle Tran, Nader Pouratian, Itzhak Fried, William Speier

  13. Robust computation with rhythmic spike patterns on neuromorphic hardware
    E. Paxon Frady, Mike Davies, Friedrich T. Sommer

  14. Performance trade-offs in weight quantization for memory-efficient inference
    Pablo M. Tostado, Bruno U. Pedroni, Gert Cauwenberghs

  15. Hierarchical selective recruitment: a control-theoretic framework for goal-driven
    selective attention
    Erfan Nozari, Jorge Cortes

  16. Spatially and temporally sparse learning machines with event-based selective attention
    Massimiliano Iacono, Chiara Bartolozzi, Emre Neftci

  17. Memory-efficient synaptic connectivity for spike-timing-dependent plasticity
    Bruno U. Pedroni, Siddharth Joshi, Stephen R. Deiss, Sadique Sheik, Georgios Detorakis, Somnath Paul, Charles Augustine, Emre O. Neftci, Gert Cauwenberghs

  18. Temporal dynamics of auditory processing using simple tones and its effects on
    hemispheric lateralization: an aMEG study
    Hilda Parra, Tim Brown

  19. Heterogeneity in olfactory response increases available information in complex odor plumes
    S. Haney, B. Kim, Z. Aldworth, N. Rulkov, M. Stopfer, M. Bazhenov

  20. Neuromodulated goal-driven perception in uncertain domains
    Xinyun Zou, Soheil Kolouri, Praveen K. Pilly, Jeffrey L. Krichmar

  21. Terrain classification with a reservoir-based network of spiking neurons
    Xinyun Zou, Tiffany Hwu, Emre Neftci, Jeffrey L. Krichmar

  22. Sparse representations for object and ego-motion estimation in dynamic scenes
    Hirak J Kashyap, Charless Fowlkes, Jeffrey L Krichmar


Saturday, June 1, 2019

​Michelson Center for Convergent Biosciences

​26th Joint Symposium on Neural Computation